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KACH Studio creates unique artwork and performances that chart the intersections of art and healing. KACH Studio features award-winning artworks, signature sound baths, and performances that focus on retrieval. KACH Studio seeks to provide Empowerment for SEEKERS to retrieve through sonics and art. KACH Studio is a BIPOC-artist-as-healer-led initiative established in 2012 that interrogates history and trauma to facilitate healing through visual restorative justice and sonics. KACH Studio creates unique handmade collages, fine art, and signature sound baths that interrogate our relationships to healing within the Historical Present and the ramifications of colonialism. Through the creation of visual restorative justice, the artwork acts as a testimony, and the sound/healing work is the aftercare of the testimony. Each participant, art collector, or client plays a powerful role in addressing the effect of history on us as individuals and within the collective. To own artwork or attend a performance, one is also taking action to heal their own relationship to our collective past. KACH Studio: Sonic Retrieval is interested in decolonization and healing from individual and collective trauma, and we work with people who range from being art collectors, students, museum-goers, gallery-goers, creatives, artists, and everyday civilians. We offer virtual and in-person sound baths for individuals, groups non-profit, corporate, and academic settings.


1-1 Sessions

Group Sessions

Virtual & In-Person

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