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Restorative Creative Sessions

KACH Studio offers Restorative Creative Sessions in which each session focuses on restoring your relationship with your own creative practice and beyond. Emphasis will be placed on reconfiguring the language we use to describe ourselves and our art and how to combat feeling stuck in the studio or wherever we are creating our work. These sessions are perfect if you are seeking an feedback about a project, upcoming exhibition, and/or commissions, in order to help you push a project forward.

Each session includes:

Creative Path Reading

Plan of action

Affirmations to help you push your project and shifting practice through to completion

Crystal, Plant & Animal Allies

Each session is 1 hour long and comes with a custom report for future references.

Why Restorative Creative Sessions?

Due to intensive burnout, over-tasking our bodies, fear, obligation, and guilt, creatives are often exhausted at the end of the day and find themselves turning their backs on being artists. In the ever-shifting market being an artist is more about creating a brand and becoming a small business or even mid-sized corporation rather than emphasis on relating to our practices because they bring us joy, healing, shift awareness, and balance our brain chemistry. I have a saying "There ain't nothing crazier than being around a repressed artist." It is a nightmare for the artist and the entire community that has to contend with their inner wounds of not being able to be in alignment with their expression. Due to these factors, I started thinking about what it would mean to work with fellow artists, peers, colleagues, and students to help restore creativity. One of my gifts is working with blockages, fears, doubts, and fixed mindsets. Within my practice, I am interested in what it means to invite all of these modalities in with expansive curiosity. I am interested in what it means to interrogate the language that one uses to describe their practice.

What language emancipates you and what language instills an attitude of I can't, I shouldn't, I need to do XYZ instead?

I am fascinated by the things we were told and the things that we continue to tell ourselves that stifle our creativity.

I am interested in transformation in all facets. As a lifelong project, I remain curious about how someone's life can change depending on how they access their own language of empowerment. My goal is to hold space for artists to find their deeply buried catalyst that turns them on. I am interested in how creatives can restore themselves fully in order to enable them to continue to engage with what is urgent and important to them. I strongly believe that artists are healers. Sometimes they give us bitter medicine, ludicrous medicine, and deliciously sweet medicine but it is all medicine to me. In my opinion making art is also about altering perceptions and helping to build communities of individuals who have healthy relationships to their self-expression and what it means to manifest new ways of what their actions have the power to do.. So many people have walked away from their artistic journeys due to myths, stereotyping, gatekeeping, and fear concerning what it means to have a successful creative journey. In these sessions, we evaluate what is success for you according to your own terms.

Who are your allies, your kindred spirits, and who you want to be in alignment with?

What do you want to breathe life into and what do you want to breathe life into you in return?


Learn more about Kenyatta's practice

Award-winning visual artist writer and performer Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle (Olomidara Yaya) has had exhibitions and performances nationally and internationally and is the recipient of several awards and fellowships. She is the founder of KACH Studio in which she is a self-represented artist. Manifestations of Yaya is a podcast that aims to channel her wisdom from navigating various creative contexts into a more holistic and spiritually aligned offering for people who want to engage with the methods behind her work and the intersections of art and healing. Please visit: for more information about her practice and feel free to view her video on Intuition featured at SF MOMA.

Bonus materials: Listen to The Manifestations of Yaya Podcast Episodes #1 on Intuition and #5 on Fear if you are having trouble trying to figure out where to start or continue on your creative journey!


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