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Creative Path Tarot

Discover if you are in alignment with your true creative path and receive a plan of action to bring you into alignment with your deepest dreams and desires concerning your creative practice. With this reading you will receive:

A picture of the card configuration from the reading.

A curated plan of action and insight on certain cards that were of importance in the reading

A visualization to help you get in alignment or prepared to take the next steps

Crystal ally recommendations

Unique affirmations and mantras to help you focus your energies and next steps

The Creative Path Tarot Origin Story I have been reading tarot for about 16 years now and I became introduced to it by my wonderful friend Kidest Mulegeta Sande when we were both students at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Kidest is a powerful seer and the things from the tarot reading 16 years ago are still manifesting to this day. During this tarot reading, she told me that I should get a deck and that I would be really amazing at readings. I was astonished and a little puzzled about the whole process but the next week I was in the East-West Metaphysical shop buying my first deck! My first deck was The Medicine Woman Tarot Deck by Carol Bridges and it is still a personal favorite to this day. I started out doing daily readings for myself, then for loved ones long distance between Baltimore and KY and then KY and CA and then NYC and CA and the list goes on. It was a way to help friends and family when in crisis and to help them to connect the dots. It wasn't until I did a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, (ACA) in New Smyrna Beach, FL that it really hit me that I should start giving tarot readings to creatives specifically. Fellow artist and residency mate Megan Reed wanted a reading and at that point, I had never given a reading to people that I didn't know that well so I decided to offer free readings to all of the members of my residency cohort. This was in 2016 right before the Trump presidency and we were all facing major turning points in our lives at that time. Some were contemplating grad school if they should move locations for better opportunities, or what role their relationships were playing in their creative and personal lives. It was a major time of reckoning and healing. On October 31st I dressed up as Lil Kim with devil ears and gave free tarot readings from my room and that night I was forever transformed! lol Over the years I kept noticing that creatives who felt that they could be one thing in the studio were completely at odds with their lives outside of the studios and this was creating so much chaos and blockages for their creative outputs. For instance, the artist who felt that the studio was the only place where they could scream because they were silenced as a child and in their personal life made work that felt like all yelling with no modulation and variety of addresses. The person that felt like they could unleash their repressed sexual desires through personas acted out within their work was suffering from not being able to be their full self outside of these constructed performances.

My first relationship with cartomancy stemmed from childhood watching my family members play spades on Saturday nights. There was something about them all coming around our dining room table, having libations, laughing, and communing with whatever was summoned from what they were dealt. I also did a study abroad program with the New York Studio Program which is sadly no longer in existence. Art Critic Dominique Nahas introduced me to Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies that was a deck for creatives. I will never forget what my card said: Where is the edge? Where is the frame? This is basically the story of my life and my relationship to my art and personal life in which I consider everything to be apart of my art practice and completely interconnected in which I am not fixated on finding the demarcations of what should go where. Tarot cards snatch your edges. There is no hiding. They lay it all bare because we are creating sacred space together in which your higher self, guides, ancestors, and elevated beings are helping you achieve clarity within our sessions. They cut straight to the point and get to the heart of the matter so that you can be your fullest self and in alignment with your highest good. I use my gifts of clairsentience and I cannot tell you how many times people began changing their lives and having the courage to make huge changes directly after our readings. I always tell clients that by the time you have booked a session with me all of your guides know that this is the last stop and you are going to get the truth straight up. I also encourage clients to get their own decks and begin reading for themselves and connecting with the energy of the cards. It is so amazing to be in the studio and pull a card that can help you focus your energies during work time or when you are hitting a wall and feeling stuck you can always shuffle the deck and see what's up.


Creative Path Tarot Testimonials

Catalina Ouyang, Artist "My reading with Kenyatta changed my life, unequivocally. I am not given to hyperbole but I say this with full conviction. When we met I was a broken person inundated with rage and need. I was (and remain) a low key skeptic, fully secular and existential in my upbringing, but with a brimming desire to believe in some ancient and mysterious energy behind the fraught lives of beings in this world and others, and Kenyatta had me sold! Kenyatta's reading brought me temporarily into her world, lush with plant growth, music, joy, and resilience. It felt as though she knew things about me that extended far past the hot Floridian library we sat in, across many times and spaces. Kenyatta's words nudged open a door for me at the end of the airless pathway I had been traveling through, and though we were not sure what exactly the other side would look like, we knew that there would be fire, reprisal, and a meaningful life afterward. Kenyatta helped me to believe this and run towards it." View Catalina Ouyang's artwork here

"Being greased up and primed to be open to the universe in this way, and despite being on opposite coasts, our first reading was such a powerful one. We spoke for three hours, dang! She read me ya'll. In the very best and most necessary way. Tarot isn't about pulling magic from the universe to will things into existence as much as it is about holding a mirror up to yourself and challenging yourself to face what's there, for better or worse. Kenyatta's honest and straight forward, yet deeply intuitive and empathetic approach helped to lead me to a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding the reading and the tarot itself and as a fellow artist, I found her ability to incorporate the intersections of art, life, and art life profoundly helpful. I'm still working through that reading and continue to consult Kenyatta for advice as I learn to read tarot on my own. I've got some work to do before I go back for another big reading from her, cause now I know ain't none of them demons gonna hide nowhere. Trust and believe."

View Tiffany's artwork here


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