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In my podcast Manifestations of Yaya Episode #1(Intuition), I talk about my sacred connection with books and bibliomancy. I want to start posting my personal stacks related to project research monthly here on the blog. After publishing my first book SIR, I am now working on a second and third book of non-fiction that will be apart of an entire trilogy and am looking forward to dedicating more time during the quarantine and lockdown to working on writing projects in addition to artworks. I am so inspired by Ben Okri's The Famished Road Trilogy. This first month of 2021 is dedicated to doing research on the maroons that I discovered in my DNA ancestry research during quarantine and continued research about a colony in Liberia called Kentucky in Africa in which I was able to purchase a decommissioned library book with funds from my Wanlass Artist in Residency funds called Slaves No More: Letters from Liberia, 1833-1869 by Bell Irvin Wiley, a famed Civil War Historian. I am excited to devote more time to read actual letters from formerly enslaved Kentuckians and to dig deeper into what it meant to be forced to "go back to Africa." I am interested in exploring the parallels between the colony and my ongoing project about a contested geography named Kentifrica.

Stay tuned for more stacks.

You can also keep up with my personal yearly reading challenge to complete reading 36 books on Goodreads.



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