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Holistic Portfolio Development


1 hour

Award winning visual artists writer and performer will give you unique insight about your entire portofolio to date. We will examine reoccuring themes, undercurrents and unexpressed modalities within your practice that may need more development or illumination. Much empahis will be placed on ancesteral reverence and what that has to do with what you are inclined to create or not create. Although you can use this service to apply for grants and grad school this service is catered towards you developing a deeper connection and relationship with your work as it pertains to your life path whether you will join an institutional setting or not. Manifestations of Yaya will help you view your entire portfolio and artist statement holistically in order to discuss what certain opportunities mean for your whole path moving forward so we can develop a strategy and plan of action that will help you with every opportunity that you apply for that will be in alignment with your highest good.

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