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5 Benefits of Dedicated Hosting Server

With dedicated hosting a user is leased an entire server to utilize. Dedicated servers offer a lot of benefits which include having all resources provided with the server all by you. Dedicated servers give users full control since they can modify the software as well as the hardware. However, the hosting companies do not leave the clients to manage them entirely by themselves, although they can allocate some administrative tools as extra service to help users utilize the servers efficiently.

Dedicated server hosting might be expensive than shared hosting servers but offer a lot of freedom in regard to resources and having a server all by yourself. We suggest you to use best HostGator coupon while buying th ehosting plan at Hostgator. You can save huge money for sure. Its best suited for enormous sites requiring limitless resources and experiencing endless huge traffic. Benefits associated with dedicated server hosting includes;

Full control

Dedicated hosting offers users’ full control of their site. Users can utilize the server however they want. As a website owner you can choose vpn for iphone app, to suit your clients needs to enhance quality of your website. This unique feature lacks in share hosting plans since you have to use whatever is provided for by your providers.


Having a dedicated server as a hosting plan it is usually quite easy to make your clients and customers feel delighted. A website that is reliable and swift in offering support, clients will always find it effective and will want to use its services. And if you have a blog, problems such as slow speeds and crashing caused by web app on shared hosting is a thing of the past.

Utilizing Server Resources

Having a dedicated server means you use all the server resources as you like and you don’t get bothered that another web app is using them. You can streach the storage capacity to the limit without worrying about overloading any resources. There is no resource haring whosoever with dedicated hosting.

Dedicated IP Address

If you happen to own a huge online business, an IP address for your business is very important. For all SSL websites, it is highly recommended that one uses an IP address that is dedicated. With shared hosting plan, all websites utilize one IP address and this presents its own set of challenges.


Ensuring your website is secure is a major aspect not only for big but also small websites. If yours is an e-commerce site, extra security measures need to be put in consideration and dedicated hosting will offer just that. Dedicated hosting plans offer higher security levels since no other web app shares the server other than yours. In addition, providers put all control measures to keep hackers at bay.

All in all, if you have are decided on getting a dedicated server as your hosting plan; ensure you choose the best since migrating to a different host is not easy. Don’t forget to check besthostgatorcouponcode for more Hostgator coupons. A reliable hosting server will certainly offer you the much needed peace of mind in the long run.

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