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Are Terrier breeds qualified for therapy ESA dogs? - 2022 Guide

Before discussing the suitability of any breed as animal therapy, let’s understand what is animal therapy?People with mental problems, stress, depression, loneliness, and isolation need esa letter for housing to make their life better and this emotional stability is provided through animal therapy. It has been observed that a pet companion has accounted for their healthier lifestyles. This has been mighty effective by owning a dog that has been phenomenal in improving the vulnerable members of the society and that is why animal therapy is highly encouraged.

These therapy dogs are trained to be affectionate, loving, loyal, and caring towards the people who need it. These dogs are different from service dogs as they are not granted permission to go everywhere with their owners like the service dogs which are granted permission to accompany their owner everywhere.

Moreover, therapy dogs are also different from emotional support dogs as they are recommended by a mental health professional. Unlike ESA, therapy dogs do not need an ESA letter from any mental health professional. Therapy does have to go a series of tests to be qualified as therapy dogs.

Some of the chief qualities of a therapy dog are:

  • Social around family members

  • Social around other pets

  • Not barking and jumping

  • Loosely walk on a leash

The Yorkshire terrier makes great therapy dogs because of their loving and caring nature. They can go the extra mile to help you out. They are highly intuitive and particularly cautious to anything that is not right. They raise alarm at suspicion. These dogs are small in size and can be adjusted even in cramped conditions. Terrier breeds are intelligent and trainable, hence get an emotional support animal letter. They can be made to develop a habit by training and some of them may at times show some stubbornness to play by the rules but in general, they are of gentle nature.

Now, why certain dogs like the Terrier breed are considered to be good therapy gods is because of the characteristics given below:


These dogs need to be extremely intelligent because they have to cater to the need of the person to offer the required therapy. For example, they need to be intelligent enough to know when to play and when to stay calm. Also, they are taken to new places and met new places as the person travels so they also have to be adaptable to the environment and people.


Therapy dogs need to be professionally trained to cater to the therapy requirements. They need to be trained to perform certain tasks as per the situation of requirement. Also, they are to be trained to well-behaved in a circumstance like when they are in an office environment. The dog should readily yield to the commands of the patient and the therapist. Dogs that are well-trained are likely to follow every new command at the repetition of five, unlike other dogs that may take a hundred times to respond to a command. Additionally, therapy dogs are so well-trained that they will-behave in a dog crate and keep their composure likewise in the external environment.


Therapy dogs need to be of a calm temperament so that they may not create a further nuisance by barking or jumping on others they meet. They need to have a composed nature of staying long with the patient without being restless. Since the patient may take them everywhere, even to the workplace, so they need to calmly follow the patient. High-energy dogs if trained to use their energies properly can make good therapy dogs.


Last, it is the characteristics of the therapy dogs that they are highly sociable with people and other pets around them. Owing to the presence of aforementioned characteristics Terrier breeds make the best therapy dogs. For more information, do visit visit

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