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Kentifrica (Ken-tif-rica) is a contested geography/continent that Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, is developing an educational and research platform for. Through re-creating artifacts and sharing narratives and customs from her research archives, Hinkle reconstructs a Kentifrican identity that invites a critical engagement of the intersections of: collective vs. personal histories, Diaspora, migration, immigration, cross-culturalism and issues of geography. Through the embodiment of various voices and modes of address, Hinkle examines what happens to bodies in transit and how they are contextualized culturally depending upon historical hegemonic signifiers of race and culture. The project exists as a multi-layered living and breathing organism that thrives off of collaborations with various individuals and communities who come from multiple social, cultural, geographical, and artistic experiences. The Kentifrica project allows the opportunity for collaborators to shape and express their own consciousness in lieu of interpretations that have already been shaped and defined for them. Kentifrica is both a physical and theoretical space that is constantly shifting and open to various forms of interpretation. Many people do not know that Kentifrica exists or refute its existence, while some are fascinated by this unknown continent and have devoted their lives to research its culture and inhabitants. The following images in the gallery are from: the Kentifrica Is: An Ethnomusicology Concert commissioned for Made In LA 2012 Biennial, instrument building workshops at Project Row Houses in Houston, TX, Kentifrican objects on display at The Bindery Projects in St. Paul, MN and free Kentifrican food being prepared for the Venice Beach Biennial's three day event in Los Angeles, CA. During the Fall and Spring semesters of 2017-18 Hinkle was the Wanlass Artist in Residence at Occidental College in which she taught an Art Outside the Bounds course that featured the Kentifrica Project and she mounted an exhibition in Weignart Gallery titled Kentifrications: Convergent Truth(s) and Realities. 




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